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DUI & DWI - Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated Charges in Colorado

A DUI/DWI charge is nothing to take lightly. Conviction in Colorado carries serious consequences including license suspension, jail time, and heavy fines. A DUI conviction will affect your life for years to come. The process of saving your license and retaining your right to drive requires the expertise of a competent defense lawyer. If you are charged with a DUI, you will need the aggressive experienced legal services of Becker & Ernst. We defend the rights of citizens who have been accused of DUI/DWI and other alcohol related crimes in Colorado.


Since DUI/DWI is an important social and political issue, fines for convictions have increased dramatically. It is highly unwise to represent yourself in these cases.


Together we can fight the allegations! Breathalyzers are not infallible. Additionally, if an officer does not have reasonable suspicion to pull someone over, the charges against them will likely be thrown out of court. Arresting officers are also required to administer a field sobriety test following strict procedures. If you were arrested without the proper procedures which are designed to protect your rights, charges may be thrown out as well.


At Becker & Ernst we realize people make mistakes, and those mistakes, however serious, should not ruin their lives. If you have been arrested with a DUI in Colorado, call us immediately for a confidential consultation so that you will know how we can help you.